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Everybody I Love Dies

Sometimes Sexy, Always Slashy

Rosalind Franklin
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If you want to friend me, you don't have to ask. Anything I post online I consider fair game for everyone to see, so friend away.

Anonymous commenting:

I believe in anonymity on the internet, which is why I allow anonymous comments. If you don't like my fic, give me hell! I don't mind - honestly. I might reply and ask you to explain some more, but ultimately if I don't like your advice I just won't take it, so no harm done.

Rating System:

There's a lot running around, but I keep mine pretty basic.

NC-17: Penetrative intercourse, penetration w/ foreign objects (not inclusive of fingering)
R: Fingering, coming w/o penetration, eg, blowjobs, handjobs, grinding, &c. Also, for extreme depictions of violence or swearing (though the swearing would have to be pretty extreme)
PG-13: general in between: sexual innuendo, swearing, &c.
PG: Would show my kids, though still might (probably) contain m/m relationships.


Due to the fact that my rating system is pretty cut-and-dry, I don't give warnings for "m/m sex" or anything like that. The theory is that 1.] If it's NC-17, there's sex, you don't need to learn that in the warning as well, and 2.] It's offensive and homophobic to warn for m/m sex when you wouldn't for m/f sex.

Warnings in general are things like: bondage, dub/con (dubious consent), gunplay, rimming, DP (double penetration), roughplay, &c. Stuff that's a little more kinky, and might be something that someone doesn't want to read.


Active Fandoms:

Avengers - Tony/Steve, Coulson/Clint
The Walking Dead - Carol/Daryl
Tolkein - Legolas/Gimli, Fili+Kili

Lurker Fandoms:

Merlin - Arthur/Merlin
Inception - Arthur/Eames
X-Men - Charles/Erik
Leverage - Eliot/Hardison
Philosophy - Plato/Phaedo; Hume/Kant; Turing/Wittengstein
Community - Troy/Abed

Old Fandoms:

Borgias - Cesare/Micheletto
Pacific Rim - Hermann/Newt
Torchwood - Jack/Ianto
Harry Potter - Sirius/Remus
Eastenders - Christian/Syed
Glee - Blaine/Kurt
Star Wars - Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Inglourious Basterds - Donny/Utivich; Stiglitz/Wicki
House - House/Wilson
Death Note - Matt/Mello
Rome - Pullo/Vorenus
Angel - Spike/Lindsey
Gankutsuou - Albert/Franz
Gundam Wing - Heero/Duo (first fandom ever *nostalgia*)
Gravitation - Suichi/Yuki
3:10 to Yuma - Ben/Charlie
Babylon 5 - G'kar/Londo

Credit to dogsunderfoot for the banner, epithalamium for the artwork.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Hatemail?
Feel free to PM me!