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Title: Gwil's Guide to Growing Up Torchwood: Year 4, Chapter 7
Jack/Ianto,+Gwil, +Team, +Eleven, +Companions
Word Count:
When a seven-year-old boy falls through the Rift, Ianto and Jack decide to adopt him. This is the story of his life at Torchwood.
Chapter Summary:
It's Gwil's eleventh birthday, and the Aunties are planning something.
A/N: That's it for Year 4! Like I said in an earlier post, the years chapter numbers are decided by descending primes. So Year 5 will contain 5 chapters, and 5 will be the “bottom out” number of chapters for each year. Hope you guys enjoyed Year 4 – even if I kind of tortured you poor guys through the whole thing :{ Enjoy the schmoopy fluffy schmoop final chappie as my make-up present!


Previous Chapter: Year 4, Chapter 6
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Ianto was comfortably tucked under Jack's arm when a banging at their bedroom door awoke him. “Tad!”

Ianto groaned. Yes, he was excited for Gwil's eleventh birthday. Yes, it was a big deal. But he was also fairly certain it wasn't even dawn yet, and Jack was just so lovely and warm. Ianto rubbed his nose against Jack's side and tried to pretend like he didn't hear the knocking.

“Tad! All the Aunties say you have to get up!”

That successfully got Ianto's attention. More than a little miffed that he wasn't getting a lie-in – on his and Jack's scheduled day off, even – Ianto lifted his head from Jack's comfortable side. “What?”

From behind the door, Gwil's voice piped up again. “All the Aunties! They said there's a special birthday surprise, and you and Dad have to get up and wear nice suits, and follow me.”

Ianto frowned. Whatever was going on, it wasn't good. Leaning down to brush a kiss against Jack's temple, Ianto patted his chest gently. “Jack: you'd better wake up. The women are planning something.”

Jack groaned and rolled over, wrapping his arm around Ianto's waist in an attempt to tug him back down into the pillows. “Nothing good ever came from womanfolk planning something. Stay in bed; maybe they'll go away.”


With no lack of regret urging him to staying bed with Jack and sleep – and maybe shag – the morning away, Ianto untangled himself from Jack's grip and slid away. “Get your pants on,” Ianto chided as he slipped on a pair of boxers himself. Jack didn't move, so Ianto just made sure his arse was covered with the sheet before he padded over to their door.

When he opened it, Gwil was practically shivering with anticipation, already dressed up in the suit Ianto had bought Gwil for the wedding. It should have been to small on him, but Ianto noticed that someone had taken down the hem he had made in the sleeves and trousers. Ianto narrowed his eyes. Whatever was going on took planning. “Why are you wearing that?”

Gwil smiled, looking down at his little suit. “Auntie Tosh fixed it for me so it'd fit. She told me to wear it today. And she said you and Dad need to wear your fancy suits, too.”

Ianto took that to mean his and Jack's wedding suits, which had sat, sadly abandoned, in the back of their closet for the past year. They hadn't the heart to plan another ceremony yet: not with the disaster the last one had brought to their doorstep.

“Did the Aunties tell you why we had to do all this?”

Gwil nodded his head, big grin on his face, but said nothing. Ianto's eyes narrowed further.

Can you tell me why we have to do all this?”

Gwil's giggle was furious as he covered his mouth with his hands. “No!” he panted around the giggles. “It's a surprise!”

In the bedroom behind him, Ianto could hear Jack starting to stir. He glanced over his shoulder toward the bed, where Jack was sitting up, looking ruffled and befuddled as he listened in on the conversation. Ianto's eyes trailed down Jack's bare chest. So much for his morning plans.

Trying a different tact, Ianto turned back to Gwil, hands resting on his hips. “But I thought you wanted to go to that fancy restaurant for dinner with Dad and me?” When Gwil appeared to remain resolute, Ianto continued. “And I thought we could go see the new superhero movie before that?”

Gwil's eyes lit up at the mention of the movie. He had been begging to see it for ages, because he said all his friends were going to see it. But the PG-13 rating was giving Ianto pause, although he knew the swearing would be less than Gwil was exposed to by Owen, and the violence certainly less than Gwil had seen in his lifetime, between life at the mill and Torchwood.

But Gwil shook his head. “The Aunties said we have to do this.” He glanced down at the watch on his wrist – a real analog one, which Gwil had oo'ed and ah'ed over until it showed up in his Christmas stocking this past year – and raised his eyebrows in a way that Ianto knew was reminiscent of himself. “And the Aunties said we all had to leave the house by eight o'clock! So you have to get going!”

Ianto sighed, running his hand through his hair. It looked like there would be no stopping the “Aunties” now that they had Gwil on their side. “Alright,” he grumbled. “Go get yourself breakfast. Dad and I will be out in a bit.”

When Jack made a pleased noise behind him, Gwil's eyes narrowed. “We have to be on time,” he reminded Ianto.

Ianto groaned. His own son was now trying to cockblock him. “We'll be on time,” he gritted out. Placing both hands on Gwil's shoulders, Ianto spun him around and pushed him toward the kitchen. “Get some breakfast.”

After he shut and locked the door, Jack was on Ianto's back a moment later, arms wrapping around him. “Quickie in the shower?”

Ianto grinned as Jack started to lave attention on his neck. “Of course. But let's hurry up, otherwise Gwil will call up the Aunties, and then we'll be in real trouble.”

Jack laughed. “Gwen would take the door off the hinges just to try and catch us in the act.”

Ianto considered this as he and Jack hurried off to the shower, boxers falling to the floor as they went. “Martha, too.”


Once the three of them had showered, dressed, and gotten some semblance of breakfast in them, they all piled into the SUV. Jack drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he looked back at Gwil. “Alright, champ: where to?”

Gwil's answer was immediate. “St. David's Spa.”

Ianto and Jack glanced at each other, but said nothing as Jack put the car in drive and pulled out of the Torchwood car park. “St. David's it is.”

“And Auntie Tosh said to use the valet thing.”

Ianto's eyebrows were going to fall off today if he kept quirking them at this rate. Jack just nodded. “Okay,” he drew out slowly. “We'll make sure to do that.”

When they reached the valet Ianto's curiosity only increased. They were greeted by a concierge, who knew their names and apparently where they were headed. Jack and Ianto could only follow, looking around the hotel and at a clearly exuberant Gwil as they walked down the halls. From the signs they were passing, and the few times Ianto had been there before, Ianto knew they were heading toward some reception halls located on the first floor. A suspicion grew in his mind, but Ianto stayed silent and waited.

When they entered the room the concierge indicated to them, they were immediately assaulted with crackers and streamers and confetti, as well as a chorus of “Surprise!”s filling the room. Peering through the falling paper debris, Ianto saw the entire Torchwood team there, as well as the Doctor and his merry band of wanderers. But what really got Ianto's attention was the stranger standing at the head of the room, holding a book and waiting patiently.

Jack was laughing as he picked streamers out of his hair. “Okay: surprise! But what's the surprise?”

Gwen bounced Braith in her arms as she grinned. “Surprise: you're getting married today!” Ianto and Jack could only gape at her as she continued. “After everything went wrong the last time, and when you two didn't seem like you were going to try again anytime soon, we thought we'd help you along!”

Even though he was touched by the gesture, Ianto turned to Gwil. “But it's your birthday,” he said. “I don't want to take all the attention away from you.”

Owen spoke up from where he was standing next to Tosh. Ianto noted that they had dressed to match: Owen in a lavender tie and Tosh in the same colored dress. Interesting. Owen threw his thumb out to gesture at Gwil. “I asked him what he wanted for his birthday a few weeks back. That sappy little bugger said he wanted you two blokes hitched. I made the mistake of telling Tosh, who thought it was the cutest thing ever,” Owen heaved a great sigh as Tosh cooed next to him. “So here we are.”

Jack pushed his way through the Torchwood crowd, his eyes trained on the Doctor. Ianto did his best not to look too irascible. “Doctor? What are you doing here?”

The Doctor sighed, throwing his head back and staring up at the ceiling for a second before Amy punched him – pretty hard, it looked like – on the arm. He made a face as he clutched his arm, rubbing it gently. “Martha got a message to me on the TARDIS. I wasn't going to come – figured your Jones lad might not want me, after what happened last time I showed up to your wedding.”

Ianto made an affirmative noise in his throat, but quieted when Martha shoved her shoulder teasingly against his.

The Doctor continued. “But then Amy and Rory just kept nagging me and nagging me until I finally agreed.” He glared at Amy, then Rory. “Like having a wife on board.”

Amy snickered. “Already got one of those. Wouldn't want to get in her way.” Jack's eyes widened, while the Doctor threw his head back to stare at the ceiling again. Amy winked at Jack and lightly punched him in the arm. “I'll tell you all about it later,” she promised.

Behind him, Ianto heard a familiar voice ring out.

Lap of luxury, this is. Really went all-out for the second go around, huh?”

Ianto's eyes widened as he spun around, eyes landing on his brother-in-law first, who was whistling as he took in the hotel. Andy was standing with the Davies family, smiling at the room. “Got them!” he announced proudly. “Sorry we were a bit late.”

Rhiannon rushed forward to Ianto, enveloping him in a hug. “David ended up splitting his trousers on the way to the car when he got into a fight with the Murphy boy.”

Ianto took this information in stride, hugging his sister back. “I'm so glad you could make it,” he said, pulling back. “Even if I didn't know about this until five minutes ago.”

Johnny laughed, stepping forward and slapping Ianto manfully on his arm as Rhiannon stepped back. “Yeah, right mad, isn't it? Who ever heard of a surprise wedding?”

Mickey laughed, turning to Jack. “Oi, didn't you almost get tricked into one of those, once?”

The Doctor's face lit up as Jack stepped quickly away and over to Ianto, sliding an arm around him. “Not the best wedding-day story,” Jack cautioned. Ianto just heaved a long-suffering sigh.

At the front of the room, the man Ianto assumed was the registrar cleared his throat before speaking. “If everyone's here now, we could begin?”

Ianto turned to Jack as everyone took their places. “Are we ready, then?”

Jack grinned back. “I've been ready to marry you for a long time, Ianto Jones.”

The first time they had tried to get married, Ianto had swore to himself that he wouldn't do something as embarrassing as cry. He was already about to break that vow here at the second go around. Next to them, Rhys passed Gwil the rings Jack and Ianto had picked out a year ago, before grabbing his seat and giving them a thumbs up. Taking a moment to control himself, Ianto adjusted Jack's tie and jacket, smoothing down the lapels with shaky hands.

No jitters, right?” Jack teased.

Ianto shook his head. “Never with you.”


More confetti and streamers flew through the air as crackers popped and shouts went up in the room. Ianto pulled away from his kiss with Jack, blinking tears from his eyes. Jack was just as badly off, so Ianto didn't feel quite so embarrassed about it. Meanwhile, his big sister was bawling enough into Johnny's shirt for the two of them.

They walked down the aisle, clasping their friends and family's hands as they went. The Doctor was at the end, shaking Jack's hand vigorously before saying something to him that Ianto didn't catch. Then he turned and extended his hand to Ianto. “Mr. Jones,” he said, all amused formality.

Ianto took the hand and shook it briefly. “Doctor.”

The Doctor waited a beat, watching Ianto and Jack with a curious expression. Finally he turned to Ianto and said, with a small smile: “Keep him out of trouble for me, would you?”

Ianto nodded. “I'll do my best.”

I'm sure you will.” With something almost resembling a grin, the Doctor spun around and gestured for his companions. “Come on!” he shouted. “There's a plasma volcano exploding in the Andromeda galaxy, and I know I haven't shown you two one of those, yet.”

Amy and Rory stopped long enough to shake Jack and Ianto's hands and offer their congratulations before rushing off after the Doctor.

Ianto glanced at Jack as they headed down the hall to the dancehall Tosh had booked for the wedding reception. “What did he say?”

Jack smiled, and instantly Ianto was reassured. He wasn't sure what he thought the Doctor had said to Jack, but he had feared it was something that would draw Jack away from him. Judging by Jack's contented, loving smile, that wasn't the case. “He said if we ever wanted a honeymoon, he'd give us a quick lift.”

Ianto snorted. “I get enough running for my life courtesy Torchwood, thanks.”

As they entered the reception hall, Jack leaned closer to Ianto, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as he pressed his lips to Ianto's ear. “And he said Gwil's welcome to join him when he's old enough.” A cold jolt of fear went through Ianto at that, but then Jack was chuckling and rubbing his nose against a spot just behind Ianto's ear. “I told him you'd track him down to the end of the universe if that ever happened.”

Damn right,” Ianto grumbled.


Ianto lolled against Jack, too much good champagne making his head feel light and his entire body warm and happy. Then again, all those sensations could also be attributed to that fact that he just married the man he loved. That was a pretty powerful drug in it of itself.

About ready to get going?” Jack's voice was soft, his lips brushing against Ianto's hair as he spoke.

Pulling himself upright, Ianto glanced around the dancehall. Their guests were beginning to look as footsore as he was, and Gwil had run out of crackers to pop ages ago. Now he was watching Gwen rock the baby, but seeing as Braith was sleeping, Gwil was starting to grow bored with that, too.

Jack and Ianto stood together, gesturing for Gwil. “Time to get home, champ.” Jack said.

Andy and Rhys blocked their progress, grinning at each other like they were the most crafty Welshman in existence. “Hold on there, you two,” Rhys said. “The Torchwood folks've got something for you.”

Extending out an envelope to Jack, Andy continued to smile in a manner that was sure to have his cheeks falling off soon, if he wasn't careful. “Everyone on the team pitched in, and we got the happy couple a honeymoon, of sorts.” Ianto opened the envelope as Andy spoke, reading through what appeared to be hotel reservations and two room keys. “We booked you the Executive Master Suite for four days.”

Martha broke in, waving her hands enthusiastically at the envelope. “Plus all the spa packages and beauty packages and... well, everything!”

Tosh came forward next. “And we're all on duty the next four days, to make sure you'll have time to enjoy the full experience and won't get called away for an emergency.”

Ianto's throat constricted, not sure how to react in the face of all this generosity. “I...” he glanced around the room, at the family and friends he had accrued in his time at Torchwood. He had always thought it would go the opposite way: Torchwood would slowly whittle away at those he loved, until it took Ianto himself. But somehow, Providence or sheer dumb luck had only caused Ianto's circle of loved ones to grow over the years. “Thank you,” he breathed. Bringing himself back under some semblance of control, and unsubtly wiping at his eyes, he nodded over at Gwil. “But what about Gwil? It's still his birthday, and who's going to look after him for the next four days?”

Rhys waved a hand, nodding proudly. “No worries: we're taking him.”

As much as he wanted to accept the present gratefully, Ianto had to make sure everything was sorted. He turned to Gwil, who was watching the proceedings from his seat next to Gwen. “Is that okay? Are you sure you want to stay with Auntie Gwen and Uncle Rhys on your birthday?”

Gwil nodded enthusiastically. “Uncle Rhys is taking me to the movies!”

Rhys winced. “Your son drives a hard bargain. I had to promise it.”

Ianto sighed. So much for trying to monitor what Gwil saw in theatres. “Are you sure?” he asked Gwil again. “It's for four days, you know.”

Gwil nodded, already looking away from Ianto and at Braith. She was beginning to wake up again, and was sleepily grabbing at the fingers Gwil was wriggling in her face. “It's okay. Braith's loads more fun now that she can walk and throw things and stuff. And Auntie Gwen promised to show me loads of princess movies.”

Owen and Jack both snorted loudly before Ianto had the foresight to jab Jack in the ribs. He nodded at Gwil in acquiescence. “If you're sure.”

He's sure!” Rhys started maneuvering Ianto and Jack to the exit as the rest of the wedding guests cheered and clapped. “Now get going, you two, and enjoy the suite!”

Mickey laughed uproariously and said something about them doing nothing but enjoying the suite, and then Jack and Ianto were shoved into the elevators, room key in hand and doors sliding shut in front of them.

Ianto turned to Jack, too stunned for words. Luckily Jack chose that moment to drag him into a kiss, wrapping Ianto up in his arms and squeezing his close. When they pulled apart Ianto was breathless, though if it was from the whirlwind wedding, or present, or Jack's kiss, he couldn't say.

Then Jack said one word, and Ianto felt himself melt into his arms, all other concerns or worries or anxieties about any troubles possible in this world or another falling away: “Husband.”

Continue on to the Year 4-5 Intermezzo.



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Jun. 9th, 2011 05:11 am (UTC)
YAY! Finally!

Loving this story still. Can't wait for year 5.
Jun. 9th, 2011 06:48 am (UTC)
So glad you're still reading and enjoying ^.^
Jun. 9th, 2011 05:25 am (UTC)
*gushes* So fricken cute! I wish someone would throw me a surprise wedding lol

I can't wait for year 5!

Will we perchance be enjoying any of the honeymoon? *hopes*
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You know, I had seen surprise weddings/wedding surprises on a couple of my soaps recently, and all I could think was "If any of my friends pull a stunt like that with me I will kill them!!" Haha, but that's me: total control freak.

I haven't figured if I'm going to have the honeymoon yet. I'm still fiddling with the organization of Year 5, so we'll see. Maybe if I can't fit it in I'll do a little PWP intermezzo chappie ~.^
Jun. 9th, 2011 05:27 am (UTC)
*melts into a happy puddle*

I needed this fluffy goodness soooo much! Beautiful chapter, and that final little bit nearly brought tears to my eyes!
Jun. 9th, 2011 06:51 am (UTC)
Glad all the fluff was satisfactory ^.^
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Awwwwwwww and Yay they got married finally!

Awesome chapter
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FINALLY. The poor dears!

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Finally married - YES! Oh and love the new eye candy on the sidebar - Love Charles and Erik.
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Oh my gosh, this chapter almost didn't go up because of Charles and Erik. I've written something like 5 fics in 4 days because of these guys. O_o They're just so...HNGK. Yeah.

Anyway, glad you liked this chapter ^.^
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Will have to come back to your LJ and read them.
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Squee!!!!!!!!! Oh that's lovely :D And such a stunning place to get wed.
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Thanks! Glad you liked ^.^
Jun. 9th, 2011 10:23 am (UTC)
Aw, the cute! It's cute! SO MUCH CUTE! I can't handle the cute!

This was so lovely. Oh, I am all warm and fuzzy. And Owen is secretly adorable. And I want a secret wedding! That was too sweet for words. *Happy sigh*

How are we on Year 5 already!? This is so brilliant, I love it. (Gwil as a Companion is the most amazing idea I've ever heard, by the way...)
Jun. 9th, 2011 01:48 pm (UTC)
Owen's secret adorableness will continue to be revealed in the next couple Years... ^.^
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww they fianlly did it!
TW family is getting bigger and closer!!!!!

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Thanks! Glad you liked!
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*falls into a puddle of wonderful happy goo*
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Yay! ^.^ Thanks!
Jun. 9th, 2011 11:30 am (UTC)
This was a beautiful chapter. I loved it. I am somewhat amazed at Gwil and how big this child's heart is. How wonderful and sweet it was that he wanted this for his parents. The team really did a good job ,also, in making Gwil's birthday wish come true. And Ianto's concern that Gwil's eleventh birthday not be over shadowed by their suprise wedding. But this was ,of course, Gwil's birthday wish. This was what he wanted...awesome.

I was happy to see Jack and Ianto finally get married and I loved the one word that Jack said to Ianto..."Husband." Just fantastic.

Thank you so much for this story. Can't wait until Monday.


Jun. 9th, 2011 01:49 pm (UTC)
So glad you love this so much ^.^
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*squeeeee* that was BRILLIANT i'm grinning from ear to ear (er just as well I didn't read this in the hospital waiting area as planned! - I would of been committed or booted out lol) Thank you what a great end to year 4! Can't wait till Monday as usual :-D
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Thanks! Glad you liked!
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I love this <3
So mushy, and so beautiful!
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Glad you liked ^.^

Jen Erdman
Jun. 9th, 2011 07:02 pm (UTC)
Didn't John Barrowman get married at St. David's Spa?
Loved the chapter!
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Ooh, I don't know about that! Weird accident, if that's true!

Glad you liked!
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\o/ !!! ^.^
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yay... wonderful
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I'm glad you approve of the conclusion to Year 4 ^.^
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